Alternative Investments In The First Grade



We talk about profiting in terms of dollars. But there are other ways to profit.


Today I chaperoned a first grade trip to Lake Katherine. We started at the school, loaded a bus and on we went. LK is a nature preserve. Complete with many acres of beautiful land, lakes and a center for hosting animals and groups like ours. It’s unusual setting is in the middle of Palos Heights IL, surrounded by nice offices, shopping and dining. But once inside, you are suddenly in the middle of nowhere.


I decided long ago, volunteering for things like this, had some payoff. Some profit.  There’s no question, I spent more time in my kid’s kindergarten classes, volunteering, than I spent in my own kindergarten class; mainly because I never attended kindergarten.  I received an honorary diploma from my oldest son’s kindergarten teacher.


Today I was reminded of a few things I forgot. Chipmunks don’t really hibernate for winter. They nap and get up to snack many times over the season. Toads are frogs that spend most of their time on land. Hayrides usually have no hay at all; mostly stacks of straw. We were reminded why we stay on the walking path.  Not so save our shoes.  But to save the lives of the insects their food from getting smashed.


Not a dollar was made today at Lake Katherine.  No real estate sold.  No dollars invested.  No clients.  But what a profitable day it was learning with my boy.