Project Description

Oak Forest Directs Auction of 7 Prime Properties

Oak Forest is maintaining its position for aggressive development within the City. They have hired us to facilitate that process and find the best users for 7 prominent and high traffic properties. The City looks to source companies or individuals who can bid, buy and close according to the auction terms.

Please contact us to receive a Bidder’s Information Package at or call at 708-361-2437


We are pleased to offer this one-time-only opportunity to name your price for these commercial development properties in Oak Forest, IL.

This Bidder’s Information Package is solely intended to provide interested parties with information only and is not a solicitation of offers and does not constitute an offer to sell.  The delivery of this material to any person shall not create any agency relationship between such person and Broker.  The information included herein is believed to be correct, and is approved by the Seller.  All information contained herein is subject to corrections, errors and omissions.  All bids must be based on the bidder’s own investigation of the property offered herein and not on any representation made by the Seller, Broker or other party.

Persons desiring to inspect or examine the property may contact a representative at (708) 361-BIDS (2437) for information.

The recipient of this Bidder’s Information Package, and its agents, acknowledge and agree that the examination of the information included herein is being conducted solely for the purpose of evaluating in good faith its interest in submitting a bona fide bid for the purchase of the property.  The recipient further agrees that all information about the property which is not public record and was obtained through the Broker or the Seller for purposes of evaluating its interest in the purchase of the property will be held confidential and will not be disclosed to any other party except those assisting or working with or for the recipient in connection with evaluating the property. This offering may be withdrawn, modified or canceled without notice at any time and is subject to prior sale.  This is not a solicitation or offering to residents of any state or province where this offering is prohibited by law.