July 7, 2014
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Real Estate Auction Company Expands Into Acquisition Advisory As Private Capital Funds Are Expected To Acquire And Real Estate And Help Restore Market

Chicago, Illinois – July 7, 2014 – Diliberto Real Estate Services, LLC and Real Estate Auctions, LLC announces the formation of DRES Acquisitions Services dedicated to the buy-side evaluation of assets. A key purpose; to identify properties for fund and REIT acquisition investment.

DRES, known for its real estate auction activities and bidding platform; RealEstateAuctionsINC.com; plans to use it affiliations with current real estate Funds seeking acquisition, to help its clients, which are usually seeking a timely sale of real estate assets. According to Gino Diliberto, Acquisition Analyst at DRES; “our current acquiring Funds can serve to provide bidding activity for auction clients.”

“The company’s continued aim is toward accelerating the sales process for real estate and reducing carrying time and cost for sellers wanting an exit strategy;” said Dino Diliberto, Acquisition Analyst at DRES.  Adding capital markets investors and resources to real estate marketing is expected to be a major advantage in the coming year. According to PWC and ULI in Emerging in Real EstateTrends 2014: “the availability of debt and equity capital is on the rise in 2014. Sources of capital are becoming more comfortable with the improving conditions in the market and are willing to invest in more markets and in a wider set of investment strategies.”

Funds such as those associated with auctions, are looking to increase their allocation in real estate, perhaps and hopefully helping the real estate market recover.


Diliberto Real Estate Services, LLC is a leader in Real Estate Advisory and Auction Services… with transactions across America… and selected markets globally.. SERVICES range from stand- alone real estate and finance advisory assignments, to real estate auction execution including debt reduction solutions. AUCTION SERVICES make the difference when both time and price matter. Time definite sales processes provide sales in weeks, at market prices, allowing sellers to reduce cost and efficiently resolve debt challenges.

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