Diliberto Real Estate maintains a leadership position in real estate and real estate finance services; now for over 27 years.  Respected among its peers and used by top sellers, buyers, owners and investors, the Diliberto brand has participated in thousands of transactions, diversified over many disciplines and asset types.  But it all starts with advice designed for the client’s best interest, and that has become one of the firm’s differentiators among its competitors.

By using an advisory services platform, the firm provides conflict-free solutions for its clients.  When a sales process is the right choice, our team prepares and executes a transaction in just weeks.

Diliberto Real Estate leverages the latest technology and updated analysis to help clients enhance the value of their assets and lower costs associated with ownership and financing.  On the flip side, the firm helps increase results on client investments.   We use our 27 years of experience in advisory services to create deeper and valuable insights.

Regardless of whether you have a global, regional, national, or local focus, DRES offers the ideal combination of experience to fulfill your requirements and objectives. Our deep understanding of real estate is backed by experience from various sectors.  The result is: the experience necessary to offer proper advice, the technical know-how to run the assignment and the intuition to provide peace of mind.

Our understanding of the real estate market and financing alternatives creates a competitive edge for our clients. Our team utilizes this experience to provide direction for financing, disposition and acquisition solutions for small to large clients. Whether it’s a private client seeking new financing or a corporate owner seeking to re-position ownership, or an owner seeking to accelerate a sale, our team is already prepared to help.

Regardless of what you need, we ensure that the job is completed on time and meets your objectives. We strive to build long term relationships and our goal is to provide the best possible customer experience to clients by being consistent and reliable.

Company executives have been using auction strategies for over 25 years. During that time, the use and perception of auctions have changed substantially and our experts have played a part in this change.

Once used primarily for difficult situations, auctions have transitioned to

a first choice method of sale, a way to accelerate a sale in only 6 to 8 weeks, by adding demand and urgency, a way to remove the aggravation associated with a long conventional brokerage “listing,” a way to stop lowering asking prices for no reason, and as a way to maximize price through competition.

How Auction Works

  • Types of auctions
  • Stand alone
  • Multi Property
  • Live auction
  • Live auction with online bidding
  • Online only
  • Sealed bid
  • Sealed bid convertible

Full menu performance:

  • Evaluation
  • Recommendations
  • Marketing
  • Bid packages, due diligence interface
  • Bidder qualification
  • Showings
  • Auction event
  • Financing interface
  • Closing

Diliberto Real estate services empowers clients to find the right real estate in the right locations, while completing all the necessary due diligence for a timely acquisition. Diliberto has the resources to evaluate properties according to the criteria of the client and can usually accelerate acquisition within 8 to 10 weeks.

Property Management

Diliberto Real estate provides full-spectrum property management and has built a reputation for delivering first-class operations and services for all categories of commercial and multi-family residential properties.

From managing building operations and maintenance to contract and leasing management, our proven property management processes have enhanced property values. Asset classes include manufacturing and warehousing, Class A to C office complexes, industrial, retail shopping centers, special use, data centers and medical facilities.


DRES utilizes every resource attained through our years of real estate experience and wealth of knowledge. We take an extensive value-added approach to property management with a strong emphasis on advisement to execute our clients’ short and long-term goals. Our comprehensive property management strategy can enhance property values for a wide range of commercial, residential and industrial assets with a variety of applied services.

Economic Development

Sometimes a City finds themselves having some real estate or commercial use issues, which they, as a public entity cannot directly address. Perhaps there is languishing real estate on the market, either unsold or vacant, which can use some positive interface and demand. Sometimes there is need to bring development and or capital/financing to a community for development and growth, which is currently difficult to find, given the nature of the markets. Sometimes there is need to increase a certain sector, such as hotels, restaurants, business, retail or entertainment, which would benefit the community.

Our firm specializes in helping municipalities, in a team approach. Due to our contacts in both real estate and private capital markets, our approach requires much less time to achieve results. Our resources and 25-year track record, allow us to provide solutions and transactions within weeks in certain cases. Or DRES can maintain a relationship on many levels over a period of time, driven by the City’s needs.

As a municipality with vested interest in overcoming economic hurdles in finance and real estate, you can rely on Diliberto Real Estate Services, LLC.

Partial List of Clients

Firm executives have conducted business in dozens of states and multiple countries, delivering in excess of $3 billion of transactional and advisory volume. We are a company with both local and international presence, so we can help resolve any real estate dilemmas you may have.




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